Hasta Luego

Hasta Luego, par les organisateurs de Oniria et 90's 2000's The Party, va te faire danser jusqu'au bout de la nuit ! Dans un décor tropical des plus caliente, DJ Rumba Stereo (El Mundo - Montreux Jazz Festival) et

Wild Pich (Pura Vida - MAD), distillent le meilleur des sons Latinos et Urbains.

Cette première édition aura lieu à la salle des Remparts de La Tour-de-Peilz, samedi 31 août !

Obtiens tes entrées maintenant et profite du tarif early bird à seulement chf 15.00.

Les festivités débuteront dès la fin de journée sur la Place des Anciens Fossés avec Mojito bar, foodtruck et cours de salsa par Resodanse Salsa (Emmanuel Accard).



Animations, mojito bar & Foodtruck 

Place des Anciens-Fossés



Cours salsa initiés "ruedea de casino" by Emmanuel Accard Place des Anciens-Fossés. Inscriptions ici


Cours d'initiation salsa pour tous, by Emmanuel Accard - Salles des Remparts. Accès offert, sur présentation du billet

Dès 22h

HASTA LUEGO PARTY avec Wild Pich & Rumba Stereo

Salle des Remparts





When should I plan to arrive in St-Rémy?

We will be arriving in St-Rémy on Tuesday 27th July. Feel free to join whenever you would like! St-Rémy is such a wonderful place that we'd encourage you to arrive a couple days early so you can really make the most of it. As you may have seen in 'The Plan' section of our website, we would love for you to join us for drinks on Friday evening.

We are also having an evening with friends on Thursday evening. More details on this to follow!

When should I plan to leave St-Rémy?

We would recommend staying until Sunday 1st or Monday 2nd August, depending on the hangover planned! We'll be heading off on our mini-moon on Monday 2nd.

What airport should I fly into/out of?

Marseille is the best and closest airport to St-Rémy, with flights from all the main airports in the UK. For more detailed information, please see the 'Getting there' section on our website.

How do I get from the airport to St-Rémy?

The drive from Marseille airport to St-Rémy is roughly 50 minutes. For details on how to get from the airport to St-Rémy, please visit the 'Getting there' section on our website.

Should I hire a car?

We've hired a car each time we've been to St-Remy and it's by far the most convienent. There are however lots of other ways to get to St-Remy. Please visit the 'Getting there' section on our website.

Can I stay at Mas d'Arvieux?

There is a limited number of accomodation at Mas d'Arvieux that will be mainly reserved for the wedding party. We'll be in touch if we have any spare room :)

How do I get from St-Rémy to Mas d'Arvieux?

It is a 15 minute taxi ride from St-Rémy to our wedding venue, Mas d'Arvieux.
St-Rémy to Mas d'Arvieux If you are staying in a hotel, please ask for them to schedule a taxi for you to arrive at 3.30pm on our wedding day. We will also supply you all with a list of taxi numbers for you to arrange the journey yourselves if you are staying in an Air bnb.
Mas d'Arvieux to St-Rémy We'll sort something for this. More information to follow closer to the time!

Where should I stay in St-Rémy?

St-Rémy is not a massive town. It takes roughly 15/20 minutes to walk from one side to the other. We'd recommend that you book accommodation within a ten minute walk from the centre of town. Please do check google maps or consult one of us if you are unsure.

Please also check the 'Where to stay' page on our website for additional info.

Can I bring children?

We'd love this time to be for you, to let your hair down and enjoy a couple of glasses! If there are any issues with this then please do contact us.

Can I bring a +1?

We unfortunately can only have a certain number of guests at our wedding. Please only bring along the names on your invite - thanks! :)

What should I bring to the wedding?

Yourselves, your party face and an empty stomach.
Please also bring a small amount of cash to pay for the taxi back to St-Remy. Everything else is covered!



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